Published Indie Games

Published games that are finished, no longer in development.

LipSync 3D

LipSync 3D is a VTuber avatar app entirely made using the Unity Game Engine. You can choose from a wide selection of available avatars and even REQUEST YOUR OWN! All requests can be made from within the app by clicking the Discord logo in the Options menu. Avatars can only be used if downloaded from within the app. (To stop avatar sharing) Minimum PC specs: Ram: 2GB, CPU: Quad core, Disk space: 250 mb, (more DLC content = more disk space needed) ..... Recommended PC specs: Ram: 4GB, CPU: Lotta cores, Disk space: More! User MUST have at least a free account at [URL][/URL] to sign int the app and get avatars. If you have any suggestions or requests, please hit me at the discord or message me here.